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Corporate Event

Looking for a fun way of building teamwork? You’ve come to the right place.

We can help you organize an unforgettable team-building opportunity – they’ll be talking about it long after the 60 minutes are up.

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Birthday Party

Trying to find something extraordinary for you or someone’s birthday celebration that people will not only remember, but talk about for weeks? Celebrate your birthday at Quest Tavern!

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Want to make an unforgettable and unique proposal for your special someone?

Propose at Quest Tavern and give them the proposal of a lifetime!

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Something Cool

Have a super cool idea and want to bring it over to Quest Tavern?

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There’s no ‘i’ in team

Why are real escape games good for a team-building activity?

  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Cooperation and leadership skills
  • Time management
  • Decision-making

During game-play, the team will solve puzzles and riddles, using problem-solving and observational skills to work together to achieve success together. Team members must share ideas and information clearly while exercising their listening skills.

The 60 minute time restriction adds a stress factor and will test their decision-making and time management skills.

Will your team make it out alive?

Happy Birthday! You’ve got 60 min.

We can organize everything for you.

  • Bring food, cake and drinks and set up in our waiting reception or party room.
  • Or drop off decorations beforehand and we can organize it for you in advance (additional costs apply).
  • You can rent the whole location, the party room or just a quest for your birthday celebration.

And if it’s a surprise, we’re really good at keeping secrets!

We can even hide a present in the room for the birthday boy/girl to find.

Put a ring in it

Just two of you locked inside the room – very intimate and uniquely romantic!

Try to find the way out and solve puzzles together. And along the way… your beloved can find a hidden ring (or equivalent), and you can pop the question in the ultimate surprise proposal!

Let us help you arrange and organize all the details:

  • We can hide your engagement ring (or equivalent) somewhere in the room to be found during a specific part of the game (we can help you determine the best time).
  • We can set up decorations, flowers, champagne toast and whatever else you prepare in the room, in the reception after you complete the quest together.

A couple that escapes together, stays together!

Got your own ideas?

We’d love to work with you to plan and make your awesome event a reality.

Perhaps it’s a baby gender reveal or you want to ask your BFFs to be your bridesmaids (yes, we’ve done that!)

Whatever the occasion, we’re always up for an adventure and we’d be excited and privileged to be a part of yours. Rent the party room or the whole location – we can work with you to plan and set up for whatever you have in store for your guests.

Let the adventure begin!

I’d like to talk to someone!

Tell us your idea, questions and as much detail as you can provide. We look forward hearing from you!

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