The Witch’s Cauldron


The Quest:

A deadly curse has been cast on your village, and the only cure lies in the hands of the Mad Madame. The village shaman has assigned you and your friends a quest to venture out into the Mad Madame’s cabin, hidden deep inside of the forest, to bring back the cure. Tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, the witches plan to gather outside of the forest to perform their Blood Moon ritual. You have an hour to find the sacred cauldron and the cure before Mad Madame returns. Will you and your team be the heroes to save your fellow villagers?


3 – 8

Beat the clock

60 min



      This room should be on the top ten list of games to play in Southern California. The Witches Cauldron was fun, immersive, and high quality.

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    thumb Kirsten N.

      Great escape room puzzles are very challenging. Several rooms to make it interesting. We have done several escape rooms and this was a very fun experience with our family.

    thumb Tim B.

      Did both of their rooms today! Super awesome! Puzzles were great! And one of their room was super immersive! Can't wait for their 3rd room to be open!

    thumb Maria R.