The Last Supper


The Quest:

The dinner host, Lord Garrick, was a former adventurer and during one of his excursions, he took a relic from a ritual sight not knowing that it was part of something sealing the demon lord gluttony away from the mortal realm. Upon breaking the seal the weakened demon lord possessed the adventurer and returned to his home where he now spends his days luring people to his home to kill and devour them in hopes of regaining his former strength to take over the world.


3 – 8

Beat the clock

60 min





      The Last Supper.
    What an awesome experience. I've done about 10 Escape Rooms over the last year, with one other also having a live actor, and this one is now... read more

    thumb Kevin S.

      Brilliant. The story influences the puzzles. The interaction and immersion that takes place in the Last Supper room is  equal parts frightening and hilarious. This experience has changed my view... read more

    thumb Alex R.

      Second escape room and really enjoyed this one. The staff was engaging and liked the fact that the game took place in multiple rooms. Definitely recommend this place.

    thumb Jessee M.